Beyond Good And Evil 2 Is Finally Getting Made Because The Technology Is Finally There


It took a long time, but Beyond Good And Evil 2 is finally, supposedly, really happening. After years of Ubisoft egging people on about the project, it seems Michel Ancel and his team are really going to go for it.

Speaking to Kotaku, Ancel explained that it took so long to get things going on a full scale basis because the technology simply wasn't there yet. He says that serious development has been taking place since around the end of Rayman: Legends, and explained

Even on Beyond Good and Evil 1 it was supposed to have space travel and all these things but we were limited. The big thing that is really cool is that the consoles are now so powerful […] The amount of memory the CPU has, you can do those things now. It's not 'Oh, we will never do it.' It's working.

I've been working on [Beyond Good and Evil 2] for a long time, on the technologies that allow you to create those kinds of games – tools to draw the big planets and things like that. We're confident on the quality and that we can achieve that kind of game.

While the act of Ubisoft dangling the development on the end of a stick for fans for so long wasn't cool, it's good to see the game finally moving forward. Let's hope it all comes together.