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Multiple Ubisoft Executives Out Due To Misconduct Allegations
This project, a wildlife sanctuary in the region of Montpellier, France, is now growing in scope, and he wishes to put his full effort into this longstanding passion. Michel is at the origin of some of Ubisoft and the video game industry's most beloved franchises, including Rayman, the Raving Rabbids and Beyond Good and Evil, whose[...]
5 of Gaming's Greatest Dystopian Worlds
And we know once Episode Three finally makes its entrance we'll jump on that too, all for a fleeting chance to immerse ourselves in that world once more. Beyond Good and Evil Hillys is a gorgeous area and full of intriguing wildlife, but the oppressive DomZ make it a menacing and unsavory place to live[...]
Beyond Good and Evil 2
Beyond Good and Evil 2's creator Michel Ancel has taken to Instagram to seemingly say we should expect the Beyond Good and Evil 2 beta sometime towards the end of next year. Beyond Good and Evil 2 was announced last year at E3 and has now made two appearances at the big show There are still a[...]
Beyond Good and Evil 2 Logo
Beyond Good and Evil 2 was one of the first games shown off at this afternoon's Ubisoft E3 presentation Featuring all of the space pirates and wonderful cinematics you can shake a stick at, the game looks pretty epic. You will lead a crew through deep, uncharted space when they run into Jade, who now seems[...]
Ubisoft Has Finally Shown The World The Beyond Good And Evil 2 Demo From E3
Ubisoft's big E3 announcement was the reveal of some early footage and gameplay from Beyond Good And Evil 2 While there was a playable demo at E3, it wasn't playable for most of us, we had it sit back and watch a developer play through the game's early build It wasn't that impressive to most of[...]
Kingdom Hearts III
The only games languishing in Development Hell are Kingdom Hearts 3, Beyond Good And Evil 2, and Half-Life 3 Previous punchingbags in the "never getting made" list were Persona 5, which is set to release in just a few days, Final Fantasy XV, The Last Guardian, and the ever-terrible Duke Nukem Forever Part of this might be thanks[...]
Beyond Good And Evil Is Free Right Now On PC
With news of Beyond Good and Evil 2 going into pre-production still ringing through the gaming world, the IP is now resonating in everyones heads once again. If you've never played that first game either, you can now… as long as you have a PC If you head over here, you can claim the game for[...]
It Looks Like Beyond Good And Evil 2 Is Actually Happening
Last week, Beyond Good and Evil creator Michel Ancel posted a piece of concept art which seemed to suggest a sequel to the game I wasn't convinced since this has happened a bunch before with the project, before it leading to nothing, but it looks like this time might be different. Taking to Instagram again, Ancel[...]
Beyond Good And Evil 2 Is Being Hinted At Again By Creator
After a long time of not a single peep about the game, franchise creator Michel Ancel will throw a bone at hungry fans suggesting that Beyond Good And Evil 2 is in the works Thus far, nothing has come of those teases. Keep that in mind when you see this next one. Ancel released this piece of[...]
Beyond Good And Evil Trademark Filed By Ubisoft
Beyond Good and Evil 2 has been dangled in front of fans since 2008 now The game is often sought after, yet, updates on any progress for the game have been painfully slow. Well, here is at least a shred of information DualShockers noticed that Ubisoft has filed the licence with the European Union Intellectual Property Office[...]