Black Desert Mobile Adds The All-New Mystic Class

Pearl Abyss released a brand new update for Black Desert Mobile this week as players now have a chance to play as the all-new Mystic class. If you're not familiar with the class from the regular game, they serve as a Monk-type character where they play like a brawler who uses her fists and feet to beat enemies up. She can hit you with precise strikes, or nail you with her main weapon the Cestus, or the sub-weapon with the Vambrace. We have more info on the new class below as they are available once you update the game.

A look at the Mystic class in Black Desert Mobile, courtesy of Pearl Abyss.
A look at the Mystic class in Black Desert Mobile, courtesy of Pearl Abyss.

Mystic is a brawler who uses her fists and feet to beat enemies with powerful and precise strikes. Her main weapon is Cestus, and her sub-weapon is Vambrace. Even though she has the mighty power of the dragon's blessing, she is not a 'heavy hitter.' She shows deadly skills through the combination of attacks and amazing speed.

Mystic Skills

  • Dragon Punch – Strike at your enemy's chest to deliver a powerful, concentrated blow.
  • Dragon's Breath – Summon the Blue Dragon to deal damage to surrounding enemies while slowing their movement.
  • Flying Axe Kick – Jump towards your opponent and deliver a powerful spin kick.

To celebrate its release, special rewards will be given to Adventurers who level up their Mystic to level 70. Players receive valuable in-game items such as Mystic's Desert Camouflage outfit, a level 60 Character Generator Coupon, a Tier-5 Pet, 1000 Black Pearls, and an abyssal accessory chest. Adventurers will be pleased to learn that a new challenge awaits them in the form of a new world boss named Khan, a new, gigantic and menacing monster that lurks beneath the waters.

Khan has been called the Master of the Ocean from the moment it was born. It has a body that is larger than an island and scales that shine beneath the ocean under the moonlight. It is said, the reason Khan wakes up from a long sleep is because of its anger towards humans who have been blessed by Oquilla.  Adventurers can get in-game items for slaying Khan that can be used for shipbuilding. Items include Khan's Scale, Tear of the Goddess, Cannons, and Iron Bow Frame.

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