Black Desert Mobile Gets A Whole New Region With Hadum

Pearl Abyss dropped a new update into Black Desert Mobile today, adding a brand new region to explore with Hadum. This region introduces a new boss to players with an evil goddess, as well as a mysterious questline for you to peruse. You can read more about it below, and get the full skinny on it at this link. Meanwhile, down at the bottom, Black Desert Mobile's Lead Producer Ryan Kang explains more about this update and others to come with details on upcoming content, a new character on the way, and a surprise gift.

A look at Hadum in Black Desert Mobile, courtesy of Pearl Abyss.
A look at Hadum in Black Desert Mobile, courtesy of Pearl Abyss.

The Rift Between Two Realms
"Elion, the god of light and order. Hadum, the goddess of darkness and chaos. Two deities whose simple, contrasting epithets belie their complex relationship. They are the ones who, together, bring balance to the world. But signs of imbalance have begun to appear at an unprecedented rate. A sun that doesn't rise during the day, mysterious totems scattered across several regions…
There is no doubt that Hadum's powers gave rise to the darkness that is encroaching upon our realm. We must cleanse the lands of this foul influence and prepare ourselves against the approaching threat. Head to Velia and speak with Alustin. He may have information about the darkness that can help us.'

Preparations For Battle
"There is no time to waste. The situation is critical. We must ready ourselves for the coming darkness. The Secret Guards are in the midst of gathering adventurers from all corners of the land to prepare for what results from this imbalance.' "You may have to venture into the realm of Hadum, the goddess of darkness. A battle in a realm of chaos will be fraught with danger. Here, use this totem. It will give you the strength to fight back against this new threat.'

Hadum's Realm
"A rift appeared that linked the parallel realms of Elion and Hadum together. The peacefulness of Elion's Realm was shattered as the darkness from Hadum's Realm bled through the rift and began tainting the lands. The darkness spread and strengthened as time passed. But to counter the encroaching darkness, Lightstones and Crystals haved gained a new power.' The power of light has morphed to help those willing to fight Hadum and restore the balance between the realms. Lightstones and Crystals have gained the following functions:
1. The light within [An], [Ti], [Tae], and [Ki] Lightstones can be extracted and used to enter Hadum's Realm.
2. Items with new powers can be crafted using Abyssal Crystals.
Get stronger and prepare to fight against the coming darkness!

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