Blizzard Entertainment Launches An Overwatch Pachimari Event

Blizzard Entertainment is getting a little weird with their next Overwatch event as they'll be holding the Pachimari Challenge. In case you're not a longtime fan of the game, you might be a tad confused as to what a Pachimari actually is. Throughout the game, ever since it debuted, there have been these fun little creatures that look like a turnip grew tentacles. That is a Pachimari, and they have been all over the game in fake ads, in arcades as plushie toys to win, and even as the occasional obstacle to hide behind as they are technically a physical object in the game that you can't shoot through. I owe a couple of games to the weird little creatures and am happy they're around, even though they don't serve many purposes beyond being a marketing tool for the fictional version of Earth that Overwatch and all of its characters exist in.

Wait, really Roadhog? Are you that obsessed with the Pachimari? Courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment.
Wait, really Roadhog? Are you that obsessed with the Pachimari? Courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment.

Well, that changes today as the company will be throwing the Pachimari Challenge. To be quite honest, they haven't been entirely clear about how things will go about in the game. What we do know is that from now until March 22nd, all you'll need to do is win nine games (like you would for character-specific events) to earn specific rewards in the game revolving around the cuddly faux-mascot. Just by logging in today, you can get six free sprays all featuring the Pachimari. If you win three games you get a new Player Icon, if you win six games you get a new Junkrat Emote, and if you win nine games you get the ultimate prize in a new Roadhog Pachimari Epic Skin (which you can see above). Best of luck to you out there collecting them all.

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