Blizzard's Illusive Unannounced Shooter Is Possibly PvP Focused

A new job listing has suggested that Blizzard Entertainment's next game will be a PvP focused shooter.

Blizzard Entertainment

There have been rumblings about Blizzard's next unannounced project for a little while and fans have been puzzling over what to expect from the project since job listings started popping up. Nothing official has been said about the project, but Blizzard is certainly hiring for something believed to be some kind of shooter. The prevailing thought was that it might be PvE campaign for Overwatch, but a new listing has thrown a spanner in the works.

As spotted by PCGamesN, Blizzard is currently looking for a Senior/Principle Game Designer on the unannounced project. It makes mention of needing experience with weapons and abilities, two things that might support the idea of an Overwatch campaign. However, it makes reference to competitive aspects which is interesting. On what the role requires, it reads:

Absolute passion for playing and creating PvP game experiences
Experience with current competitive action or shooter games

This is complicated for an Overwatch spin-off. I can't imagine Blizzard are working on 'Overwatch 2' yet and a spin-off with a multiplayer aspect would seemingly cannibalise the first game. This now leaves us totally guessing as to what this project could be. The idea of Blizzard juggling two ability based, competitive shooters is certainly also a bizarre idea as the publisher likes to spread out across genres. I'm very intrigued as to what this project could be, the scale of it and if it is based off an existing IP. It really is a bit of an enigma, but one I'm sure many will be following closely, including us.