Captain America NES Game With White Vision, On Auction At Heritage

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Captain America and the Avengers was an NES game released in 1991, and it was not a very good game. Let me rephrase that, THIS port of the game was no good. Other versions were plenty of fun, especially the arcade game, but this version never stacked up for me. As a collector and Captain America freak, though, I have searched high and low for a boxed copy for some time now, to no avail. Over at Heritage Auctions, they have a graded copy taking bids right now. Sitting at a whopping $825, I won't be adding this to my Cap shelf anytime soon. Check out the gorgeous box art, also featuring White Vision of WandaVision fame, down below.

Captain America NES Game With White Vision, On Auction At Heritage
Captain America NES Game Graded. Credit Heritage Auctions

That Captain America Box Is So 90's It Hurts

"Captain America and The Avengers – Wata 9.4 A Sealed [Oval SOQ R], NES Data East 1991 USA. Captain America, Iron Man, Hawkeye, and Vision on the box illustrations are modeled after their character designs in the early 1990s issues of the Marvel comic book series, West Coast Avengers. Villains featured in the game are Red Skull, Ultron, Crossbones, and Wizard. Music composed by Tatsuya Kiuchi and Shogo Sakai." Pretty cool that at that moment of time, Vision was White Vision, and now that character has become such an important look for him after WandaVision. Those looking to add more White Vision to their collections, you need this.

Alas, while I have always wanted this for my Cap shelf, this one is too rich for my blood. Most out there who collect video games, however, that will not be the case. Go here and bid on this sealed Captain America game, and while there, check out the other graded games and such still taking bids today. There are some great ones available.

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