Catch Mastery: Ghost Event Comes To Pokémon GO

A new type of event is coming to Pokémon GO that will allow players to celebrate the spooky season by hunting Drifloon and grinding XP. Here are all the details on the Catch Mastery: Ghost event in Pokémon GO.

Pokémon GO Catch Mastery: Ghost event promotional image. Credit: Niantic
Pokémon GO Catch Mastery: Ghost event promotional image. Credit: Niantic

The Catch Mastery: Ghost event will take place Sunday, October 25th, 2020 from 8 AM to 10 PM local time. It will feature:

  • Drifloon spawns boosted in the wild. It's likely that they will already be fairly common as this is most likely taking place during Pokémon GO's yet-to-be-announced 2020 Halloween event, but the adorable little ghost will be floating around even more than usual. Drifloon is available to catch in its pastel yellow and blue Shiny form, though there is no details on whether or not it will have a boosted Shiny rate for the event.
  • Timed Research
  • Field Research that leads to encounters with Ghost-type Pokémon and rewards Gengar Mega Energy. This is not the Mega Genger Research that was earned with the Mega Buddy Challenge in September, as that was specified to be Timed Research rather than Field.
  • "Additional XP" rewarded when using Nice, Great, Excellent, and Curveball throws to catch Pokémon. It isn't specified whether this is double, triple, or some other multiple of the standard XP, but this will certainly be an easy way for players who haven't reached level 40 to play a fun day of Pokémon GO while grinding XP.

This announcement led to a bit of a frenzy on social media, as some interpreted this as Niantic's full Halloween announcement. This is, however, very obviously not the full Halloween announcement. Bleeding Cool will be here to report when details for the full event are released. For now, details are already starting to leak via datamines including a Galarian Yamask research that alludes to a wild release of the previously Special Research-exclusive Spiritomb.

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