Confirming the Obvious: Fortnite is Now Officially the Largest Free to Play Console Game Ever

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credit//Epic Games

We've all known this for quite some time now, but research firm Superdata has confirmed the obvious: Fortnite is now the largest free-to-play console game of all time, both in terms of player count as well as earnings, raking in a combined $223 million USD last month alone.

From IGN's report:

Fortnite's revenue is up 73% from February, when it brought in $126 million, eclipsing PUBG's $103 million. Since its launch on iOS, the mobile version has raked in more than $25 million in the space of a month, with an average daily spend of $1 million.

According to Superdata's report, while Fortnite didn't make it into the top 10 highest grossing mobile titles worldwide in March, is was number one in terms of revenue on iOS in the US. Fortnite was the highest grossing console title last month (worldwide) and the fifth highest on PC.

We've chatted about the success of Fortnite before, a lot of which was a combination of factors like timing, lack of major cheating problems, and the crafting. Because the ability to build fortifications is pretty unique to Fortnite in the battle royale sphere. However, while Superdata's findings are absolutely what we expected, the sheer quantification is the shocking point. $223 million USD is no small amount of cash, especially for a free game, and those numbers appear to only be rising. Which means we'll be seeing Fortnite stick around for quite a while.

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