CS:GO Has A New Matchmaking Algorithm That Analyses Your Steam Behavior

CS:GO Has A New Matchmaking Algorithm That Analyses Your Steam Behavior

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) has received a new matchmaking system that analyses your behavior on Steam to match you with similar players. And no, it has nothing to do with micro-transactions, unlike the ones Activision recently patented, it has nothing to do with micro-transactions.

According to the Counter-Strike blog, the new system has created something called a Trust Factor for Steam players. This system takes into account a player's total time playing CS:GO, the number of times players have been reported for cheating, and time spent playing other games on their Steam account, with all of these contributing to create a player's Trust Factor. Which is kind of cool, in that it tries to match hardcore gamers against other hardcore gamers, while leaving the n00bs to wipe the floor with eachother, but does have something of a Big Brother vibe.

Valve says the results of the experiment have been positive, allowing them to keep the parts of the Prime system that were working, while ditching parts that caused issues in the CS:GO community. The Trust system is already live, but players will be able to opt to use Prime matchmaking for a little while longer.

Last year, Valve launched the Prime Matchmaking service with the goal of providing a better matchmaking experience. The system required players to link their phone numbers and later it required players to reach at least rank 21. Because of this, Prime status ended up causing division within the community, as Prime players couldn't interact with non-Prime players. Which meant that you couldn't play with your friends if you weren't all of the same Prime status. Which pretty much sucks.

In the F.A.Q. section, Valve claimed they will not release information on all factors that contribute to a player's Trust Factor, and that players will not be able to view their own Trust Factor. The company said constant updates to the system will change what factors will be in play, and that the purpose of the system is for players to have a better experience without having to worry about optimizing anything.

CS:GO was nominated for the AMD eSports Audience Award as part of the 2017 BAFTA Games Awards. It also might have a bit of a problem with white supremacists according to some player reports.

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