Quantric Dream's 'Detroit: Become Human' Is Delayed To 2018

detroit: become human

Quantric Dream's newest game, Detroit: Become Human, has been delayed to 2018, according to the latest reports coming from E3. Quantric Dream being late on a game isn't much of a shock, and considering the fact that the game looks different every time we see it, this news was pretty expected. Granted, seeing any game ship on time these days is a surprise.

Game director David Cage confirmed the updated release window in an interview with GameSpot at E3, saying, "It's going to be next year."

Detroit: Become Human was shown off to press, industry pros, and fans at E3 last week, and those who made it over to the screening got a chance to see a demo that centered around Markus, the recently revealed third protagonist of the game. Markus is played by Grey's Anatomy's Jesse Williams.

In case you missed it, you can take a look at some of the gameplay shown at E3 here.

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