Detroit: Become Human is Getting a Demo Tomorrow

Quantic Dream's Detroit: Become Human is going to have a little taster for players tomorrow as it's been announced the title is getting a demo.

Detroit: Become Human

Demos don't really happen so much anymore. For sports and racing games usually there is something on offer and a lot of online games will stress test with short betas before launch, but for narrative driven, singleplayer games, it's not a common practice in recent years. Gone are the days of discs that came with small portions of the game for you to try.

Well, Detroit: Become Human is doing things a little different. It's been announced that the game is getting a demo tomorrow on PlayStation 4 that will let you play through the opening mission in the game. It's called Hostage, and puts you in the shoes of Connor, an android meant to try and handle other androids that go awol. You'll have to use dialogue options and the like to save a human life from a rebelling android. It should act as a nice introduction to the world, which will explore three stories of androids in an oppressed society.

It's not long now until the game hits, and it's been a little rough for the title of late. After coming under fire for its depictions of domestic abuse, it then fell afoul of a report in France that alleged problematic working conditions at the studio. Hopefully, the demo is intriguing enough and helps turn around the title's fortunes. Detroit: Become Human is out on PlayStation 4 May 24, 2018.

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