Detroit: Become Human's Latest Ad Puts the Blame Squarely on You

Sony Interactive Entertainment has just released a brand new TV trailer for their upcoming Quantic Dream game Detroit: Become Human featuring one of the game's lead characters, Kara. But the ad does more than just put you in Kara's shoes, it makes you responsible for her choices. Obviously, when you play a video game, you are responsible for a lot of what happens to the character on the screen that isn't totally created in cutscenes. Your actions choose whether you succeed or fail, live or die. With their latest commercial, the developers hammer home the idea that all of the bad things that happen to Kara are entirely your fault, because you made the call.

It's an interesting concept to play with from a marketing standpoint and a different kind of selling point to gamers. If Nintendo came out with an ad that put every failed jump and life lost from Mario on your head, it would greatly change the perspective of how you play the game or at least look at it as a fan. So the idea of Kara standing up for herself and possibly putting a child at risk to save her from abuse is a heavy mental burden to throw on players even before they pick up the controller. We'll see how well that holds up in two weeks as Detroit: Become Human is released on May 25th.

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