"DOOM 64" Received a Modern PEGI Rating, Sparking Remaster Rumors

The European game rating board, PEGI, updated their website recently to host a rating classification for 1997's DOOM 64. The update also included a release date (July 26, 2019), which coincided with the re-release of the original DOOMDOOM II, and DOOM 3 for modern consoles. PEGI rated the 1997 game as a 16 for violence.

The listing was initially spotted by Gematsu.

While PEGI has since taken down their rating for DOOM 64, that brief window of live-time has sparked rumors and theories about the game getting a possible re-release, remaster, or remake. Because of course it did. This is the gaming internet we're talking about, so naturally every small slip like this spawns a thousand rumors.

As IGN reports:

While there has been no official announcement yet, it does make logical sense for Doom 64 to be re-released; this is Doom's 25th anniversary, and the milestone is being celebrated by releases and the launch of Doom Eternal. Adding Doom 64 to this would provide a more complete picture for the celebrations.

As noted by Gematsu, while PEGI has only rated the game for PS4 and PC, if the game is announced there's a solid chance that it will be launched on Xbox One and Switch, too, since PEGI only rated last week's Doom re-releases for PS4 and PC and not the other two consoles.

DOOM 64 released in 1997 for the N64 system and has been relatively untouched since that initial release unlike pretty much every other game in the series, which have seen several rounds of re-releases.

While an announcement would have been expected during QuakeCon this year, which just wrapped up yesterday, the show closed without any new DOOM 64 news. However, that hasn't stopped fans from wanting a re-release for a system capable of handling more than 64 MB at a time.

There's still hope that a DOOM 64 port will hit alongside DOOM Eternal later this year, so all hope isn't quite lost just yet.

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