DOOM Eternal Composer Mick Gordon Is Angry With Bethesda

If there's a sequel to DOOM Eternal to complete the trilogy, it's a safe bet it won't feature Mick Gordon's music again. If you're not familiar with the man by NW from all the praise he's been getting, Gordon is the mastermind composer behind the truly sinister and metal music you've heard on the current game, as well as the 2016 predecessor. His music for both games is as much a character as the Soldier or any of the minions he slaughters along the way. So for a lot of us this week, it was exciting news to see we'd finally get the soundtrack for the game for those of us with the Collector's Edition. Not to mention having it on streaming services and available for purchase in other stores down the road. But it looks like this may be the last time we hear Gordon compose a soundtrack for either Bethesda Softworks or id Software as he is apparently angry with them about the way it eventually was released.

There's no denying the soundtrack to DOOM Eternal is killer.
There's no denying the soundtrack to DOOM Eternal is killer.

In the midst of Godron getting praise, it came out on Twitter that he's not a fan of the way it was mixed. In fact, the final mix of the tracks was not done by him. Someone on Twitter commented that they didn't like the final mix of the music and that they expected better by him. Prompting Gordon to respond with "I didn't mix those and wouldn't have done that. You'll be able to spot the small handful of tracks I mixed (Meathook, Command and Control, etc…)"

Following that exchange, a Reddit post showed a DM between himself and Godron as he complimented his work, in which Godron indicated that he doubts he'll work with them again. The entire thing is actually pretty shocking to hear, especially coming from a piece of work as awesome as DOOM Eternal. Usually, when a composer puts their stamp on a soundtrack, most studios are inclined to let them have the final say in how it sounds since they did pay them to do the work. Rarely do you hear beef like this between the company and the artist. But it sounds like this may be the last time we get to hear Gordon put his talents to the DOOM series, unless they somehow patch things up with him.

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