Dragon Ball Super 2021 Anniversary Reprint Reveal: Meta-Cooler

The Dragon Ball Super Card Game has revealed the cards from its Special Anniversary Box 2021. The box includes 96 cards in total with 35 guaranteed cards from the Special Anniversary Set with each card including a double, two five-card Special Anniversary Packs featuring foil versions of cards from the set, four Vault Power-Up Packs with four cards each, one of four Anniversary 2021 sleeves, and one of four Storage Box Anniversary 2021 designs. As the Dragon Ball Super Card Game shows off the cards from this special set, Bleeding Cool will offer a look into the cards from a collector's perspective. In our next selection here, we check out some of the reprint cards that will be available in the Vault Power-Up Packs.

Dragon Ball Super 2021 Anniversary Reprint card. Credit: Bandai
Dragon Ball Super 2021 Anniversary Reprint card. Credit: Bandai

The Dragon Ball Z movies are largely recognized as non-canon, but not because people don't love them. The fact is, almost every single one of the Z-era films included events, character match-ups, or other details that couldn't possibly fit in with the established canon storyline. Dragon Ball Super has now made certain elements introduced in the movies canon (namely Gogeta, Broly, and Paragus) by reimagining them in the DBS: Broly feature. Now, this has gotten the fanbase excited for what other movie-only characters may get their own canon reimagining in the future. One of the most common hopes is that Frieza's brother Cooler, who was the antagonist of two movies, will eventually make it into the official story. Cooler is a dynamic villain with a cool design in his first appearance that gets even better when he returns as Meta-Cooler in the sequel. The storyline does take a lot from the structure of Frieza's defeat and return as Mecha Frieza, but that doesn't stop the design from being a memorable aspect of DBZ's history.

The Dragon Ball Super Card Game 2021 Anniversary Box is now available. Stay tuned for openings and product reviews of this collection.

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