Dragon Ball Super Card Game Previews Mythic Booster: Toppo

The Dragon Ball Super Card Game has announced the contents of its Mythic Booster. This product, announced for release in November 2021, is in fact the reprint set that Bandai has previously confirmed would offer collectors and players the chance to access older, out-of-print, and valuable cards from older sets. This will not be a straight reprint, though, and will instead include different artwork on every single card, making this something of a new set in and of itself. As the Dragon Ball Super Card Game offers new information on the upcoming Mythic Booster, I will break down the news and previews from a collector's perspective.

Toppo from Dragon Ball Super Card Game. Credit: Bandai
Toppo from Dragon Ball Super Card Game. Credit: Bandai

Toppo is called simple Top in the anime because… well, look at him, it can't be argued. Toppo is the leader of the Pride Troopers, and he loves to strike a pose.

One secret that this character kept through most of the Tournament of Power was that he was training to become the next God of Destruction in his Universe. His ability to tap into this power makes him a mighty foe for Vegeta during the Tournament but also exposes him as vengeful and pitiful with skewed morality that shifts when he gives into the power this form gives him. This leads us to Jiren, the Pride Troopers' most powerful soldier, to rebuke him. Though Top is a hypocrite in some ways, he has been the subject of some interesting cards, especially the SPR in Dragon Ball Super Card Game: Cross Spirits. This new Leader from Mythic Booster is no different. Unfortunately, only the Awaken side was previewed so we don't yet know what the first side looks like.

The Dragon Ball Super Card Game's Mythic Booster reprint set will release in November 2021, the same month as the next main expansion, Unison Warrior Series BOOST: Saiyan Showdown. Stay tuned for more previews of the cards as well as openings and reviews of related products when the Mythic Booster comes out.

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