Dragon Ball Super CG Announces Saiyan Showdown Bans & Errata

Bandai has confirmed the upcoming bans and errata for Dragon Ball Super Card Game in preparation for the release of Saiyan Showdown on November 19th, 2021. Let's get into the details.

Dragon Ball Super Card. Credit: Bandai
Dragon Ball Super Card. Credit: Bandai

For the release of Saiyan Showdown, Bandai is adding one card to the Banned Card list and seven cards to the Errata Card list, effective November 1, 2021 worldwide, for Dragon Ball Super Card Game.

Banned Cards include:

  • EX13-35 Violent Rush Boujack

Dragon Ball Super Card Game explains their reasoning:

Reason: The presence of this card creates additional energy that any Blue/Yellow deck can utilize for strong defensive plays at minimal cost. We predict this card to become overcentralizing in the upcoming and future formats, so we've decided to ban it to encourage exploration of new strategies.

Errata Cards include:

  • P-337 Zamasu, the Eliminator
    • Post-Errata Text: [Counter: Play] Play this card, and if the Battle Card being played has an energy cost of 4 or less, return it to its owner's hand instead.
    • Reason: This card's unique ability to stop Unison Cards from being played has proven more disruptive than originally intended and limits viable strategies. We've decided to Errata this card to only affect Battle Cards in order to bolster the amount of viable competitive decks and player enjoyment.
  • BT13-060 Galactic Buster
    • Post-Errata Text: [Activate: Battle] If your Leader Card is a Boujack Brigade card and you choose 1 mono-blue Battle Card with a combo cost of 1 in your energy: Draw 1 card, then use the chosen card in a combo. If it's your opponent's turn and you used a card in a combo with this skill, place this card in your energy from your Drop Area, and at the end of the battle, switch 1 of your energy to Rest Mode. You can't activate the [Activate: Battle] skill on copies of this card for the turn.
    • Reason: This card can be used with any Blue Leader Card to create an energy economy surpassing its expected use. Designed as a defensive tool for Blue decks, changes to the Ban/Limited/Errata lists for UW5 -Cross Spirits- and Special Anniversary Box 2021 have popularized this card outside of Boujack Brigade decks more than originally intended. We decided to Errata this card to Boujack Brigade leaders only to encourage more creative strategies for Blue Leader Cards.

Other errata are more straight-forward. Bandai writes:

Additionally, as previously announced the following 5 cards will be issued an errata regarding the name "Kaio-Ken Son Goku" in order to work as properly intended.

This includes the following cards which are actually from Dragon Ball Super Card Game's upcoming set, Saiyan Showdown:

  • BT15-066 Kaio-Ken Son Goku, Decisive Battle
  • BT15-068 Kaio-Ken Son Goku, Confronting Invasion
  • BT15-069 Training Goals Son Goku
  • BT15-088 King Kai's Planet
  • BT15-089 King Kai's Training

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