Dragon Ball Super CG Value Watch: Ultimate Squad In July 2022

Dragon Ball Super Card Game is a dynamic hobby for collectors. The value of cards can sometimes be unpredictable, as it is far more reliant on the playability of cards than, say, the Pokémon TCG. However, collectors do have some influence, and SCR cards with popular characters sometimes end up becoming break-out cards. Now, every month, I will release an installment of this series, Dragon Ball Super CG Value Watch. This series is not financial advice but is rather a way to help collectors know the trajectory of a card's availability so that DBSCG completionists like myself know when to strike. Today, let's see how the cards of Ultimate Squad, which was released in June 2022, are doing in July 2022.

Ultimate Squad SCR. Credit: Dragon Ball Super Card Game
Ultimate Squad SCR. Credit: Dragon Ball Super Card Game

Here are the top valued cards of Dragon Ball Super Card Game: Ultimate Squad with market values observed on TCGPlayer as of this writing:

  1. Piccolo & Son Gohan, Newfound Might SCR BT17-148: $208.92
  2. Oath of Z SCR BT17-149: $107.50
  3. Invader's Vow SCR BT17-147: $68.97
  4. SS2 Son Gohan, Z Fighter SPR BT17-083: $18.17
  5. Baby, Juveline Parasiite SR BT17-004: $14.24
  6. Android 17 & Android 18, Limitless Energy SR BT17-135: $12.14
  7. Golden Frieza, Newfound Might SR BT17-066: $10.61
  8. Cell, the Ultimate Bio-Android SPR BT17-049: $9.92
  9. SS Son Goku, Pan, and SS Trunks, Galactic Explorers SPR BT17-009: $9.53
  10. Android 17 & Android 18, Teaming Up SPR BT17-033: $7.7

The last time that Dragon Ball Super Card Game Value Watch covered this set, it was so early in its release that the top card, Piccolo & Son Gohan, didn't even have an established market value outside of clearly being on track to become the set's main chase card. That remains the case here. Now, though, Oath of Z has pushed ahead of the third and final SCR, Invader's Vow. Invader's Vow is already approaching a very affordable range for an SCR to settle. It is likely that the Piccolo and Son Gohan card will remain as the set's high point as the other cards will, in time, fall.

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