Dragon Ball Super Previews Dawn Of The Z-Legends: Roshi's Training

A new era is dawning for Bandai's Dragon Ball Super Card Game. The long-running Unison Warrior Series block has wrapped up with the new Zenkai Series block launching in September 2022 with a series of promo cards, starter decks, and a full expansion. The set, titled Dawn of the Z-Legends (with its full name being Zenkai Series: Dawn of the Z-Legends), is the eighteenth main set and is the first to include Zenkai Cards, otherwise known as Z-Cards. This set and its associated decks and promos, according to Bandai, feature characters from "all sagas." Ahead of the release of this new wave of Dragon Ball Super Card Game projects, Bleeding Cool will offer a look into some of the most intriguing upcoming cards from a collector's perspective. Today, let's take a look at a few cards from this set sure to make any fan of classic Dragon Ball quite nostalgic.

Dawn of the Z-Legends cards. Credit: Dragon Ball Super Card Game
Dawn of the Z-Legends cards. Credit: Dragon Ball Super Card Game

Turtle School! Following the Pilaf arc and before the long and very involved Red Ribbon Army Saga would kick off, the World Martial Arts Saga saw Goku and Krillin train under the old sage, Master Roshi. This hilarious, exciting, and clever storyline set in motion a major format for DB that would influence the series for years moving forward. There would be multiple tournaments featured in the series to come, with twists on the concept taking place in some of the series' most iconic sagas. We'd see Cell use the idea himself for his dastardly Cell Games plan. We'd see Babidi interrupt a World Martial Arts Tournament with his devious plans. We'd even see the Deities of the Dragon Ball world use the idea for competition and fun in both the Champa Saga and the climatic and emotional Tournament of Power, the storyline that has (for now) closed out the DBS manga.

Stay tuned to Bleeding Cool for more Dragon Ball Super Card Game previews from Dawn of the Z-Warrior and the associated decks.

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