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Drug Dealer Simulator 2 Announced For PC In 2023

Movie Games revealed this week that they will be releasing a proper sequel to Drug Dealer Simulator, as it will be coming to PC in 2023. Drug Dealer Simulator 2 will put you into a new era of the drug trade as you start from the bottom in the early '00s and make your way up in a world that utilizes technology and different tactics, along with stronger product that needs to be moved quickly. The developer at Byterunners Game Studio revealed a new trailer for it as well, which you can check out down below.

Drug Dealer Simulator 2 Announced For PC
Credit: Movie Games

You start out as a nobody on a foreign, hostile island, without resources or connections. Work your way up to the heights of respect and fortune. Establish your hideouts, produce drugs and sell them on the streets. Reach clients and suppliers… and grow your operation. Expand to other villages and towns, but beware. The big fishes don't like it when someone stirs their waters. Welcome to the early 2000s! You are Eddie, and a lifestyle of bad choices made you an outlaw seeking refuge. Don't worry tho, Isla Sombra is the perfect place for fugitives like you! You're not planning to just surrender and stay there forever, though. Prove your worth, use your talents and get your life back! Making a fortune along the way won't hurt either…

You can't run an empire alone. When you're wealthy enough, hire people who'll take over some of your duties. Assign them with ranks in your gang's hierarchy. Give them specific jobs, and they'll know what to do. Expand and decorate your hideout and lab, and move on to establish new ones. See all stages of the career, from a street corner dealer to the cigar-smoking mastermind. Your industry wasn't built on friendship, so better find a way to deal with crooked cops, hostile gangs, and the local militia. Avoid them, bribe them or run away. Jumping on rooftops, sliding down ladders, and hopping over walls has a name in DDS2. It's called a workday.

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