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Alaskan Road Truckers Provides Gameplay Overview Video
Indie game publishers Green Man Gaming and Movie Games, along with developer Road Studio, have released a new video showing off Alaskan Road Truckers The team has been making a game that isn't just you controlling a truck in harsh conditions; it's an experience as you will also live out the times of a driver[...]
Move Games Announces New Simulator Title Sports: Renovations
Movie Games and developer Goat Gamez have released a brand new trailer for their new simulator titled Sports: Renovations, showing off more of the gameplay It isn't a terribly long trailer, as the team as basically giving you a one-minute overview, but it does show off what you'll be doing in the game to some[...]
Move Games Announces New Simulator Title Sports: Renovations
Movie Games revealed they have a new simulator title on the way as developer Goat Gamez presents Sports: Renovations The game will have you working a renovation job, and much like those sim titles, you'll have to put your best foot forward in making these places shine However, the small twist is that you're helping[...]
Drug Dealer Simulator 2 Announced For PC
Movie Games revealed this week that they will be releasing a proper sequel to Drug Dealer Simulator, as it will be coming to PC in 2023 Drug Dealer Simulator 2 will put you into a new era of the drug trade as you start from the bottom in the early '00s and make your way[...]
Be Your Own Pub Own In The Upcoming Brewpub Simulator
Movie Games and developer Star Drifters revealed their next simulation title in the works as we're getting Brewpub Simulator Now you can experience what it's like to own your own pub where you craft your own beer You will deck the place out however you see fit, experiment with creating different brews for people to[...]
Food Truck Simulator Receives New Demo On Steam
Movie Games have released a brand new demo for Food Truck Simulator, which you can head over and play on Steam right now Created by Drago Entertainment, the same people who made Gas Station Simulator, the game plays out much how you would think as you take over your dad's old food truck and bring[...]
Star Strikers: Galactic Soccer Will Arrive On Steam In 2023
Movie Games revealed their next sports title, Star Strikers: Galactic Soccer, will be coming out on PC via Steam sometime in 2023 Developed by Goat Gamez and Lunic Games, the game plays out a little bit how you might expect, but with a far different look and feel as you're getting an animated field with[...]
Robo Revenge Squad Will Arrive On Switch Next Month
Movie Games and Mill Games revealed this week they will be bringing Robo Revenge Squad over to the Nintendo Switch and Xbox consoles this August The game has been out for a few years now on both PC, as you will build robots with friends to take out aliens who have been sending alien-controlled robots[...]
Tactical RTS Fire Commander Comes To Steam In Late July
Movie Games revealed this week that they will be releasing their new tactical RTS game Fire Commander onto Steam in late July Developed by Atomic Wolf and Pixel Crow Games, the game was already released back in September 2021 for both Xbox and PlayStation consoles, but for some reason, they skipped making a PC version[...]
Movie Games Announces Prison King Will Release On Steam
Movie Games and True Games Syndicate announced their latest game adventure simulator Prison King will be making its way to Steam in 2023 The team behind the game created this new title based on prison movies such as Thief and Shawshank Redemption, as you play a prisoner who has been sentenced and now needs to[...]
MythBusters: The First Experiment Launches Free Prologue
Movie Games and developer Byte Barrel have released a free prologue for MythBusters: The Game – Crazy Experiments Simulator on Steam today Being called MythBusters: The First Experiment, this is designed to give you a taste of what's to come in the game as you're given what are the basics behind conducting experiments Not to[...]
New 3D Tycoon Game Drug Dealer Manager Announced
Movie Games has announced a new 3D Tycoon title this week as you will run your own little urban empire with Drug Dealer Manager This game will have you working your own crime ring to a degree as you oversee a fictional city and what comes in and out of it You'll be in charge[...]
Food Truck Empire Announced For PC Release Sometime This Year
Movie Games announced this week their upcoming game Food Truck Empire will be coming out sometime in 2022 for PC The game will be a part of Steam Next fest from February 21st-28th, as you'll be able to take a crack at building up your own fleet of trucks in a free demo to help[...]
Movie Games Will Publish War Hospital For PC & Next-Gen Consoles
Movie Games has released a new trailer for War Hospital, as they plan to release the game on both PC and next-gen consoles Developed by brave Lamb Studios, the game will throw you into the thick of hell on Earth as you'll be a medic running what is essentially a MASH unit during World War[...]
ER Pandemic Simulator Announced By Movie Games For Steam
Movie Games, an indie game developer based in Poland, has announced a new simulator game for Steam This game is called ER Pandemic Simulator, and it truly could not have come to light at a more fitting time, due to the continued rage of COVID-19 throughout the world. The logo and art for ER Pandemic Simulator,[...]