Eevee Gone Bad: Bid for Dark Vaporeon & Jolteon Pokémon Cards

In an early episode of the Pokémon anime where the lead characters are separated from their Pokémon, Team Rocket's Ekans and Arbok have a rare bonding moment with Pikachu, Bulbasaur, and the rest of Ash's team. These seemingly villainous Pokémon tell Pikachu that no Pokémon is bad… it just comes down to the trainer. The TCG reflected that sentiment with Dark and Light Pokémon. Introduced in the Team Rocket expansion, Dark Pokémon have essentially been corrupted by being raised by trainers will bad intentions. This variation appeared again in the Neo Destiny set along with the introduction of Light Pokémon, who followed the path of goodness because of a special bond with their trainers. Two of the most beautiful cards featuring Dark Pokémon from the initial debut of this feature in the Team Rocket expansion are Dark Jolteon and Dark Vaporeon. This shows a surprisingly sinister depiction of these two evolutions of Eevee, generally known as a very pure-hearted species. In all of its forms, Eevee and its Eeveelutions are some of the most popular species in the entire series, and now TCG collectors can bid to win CGC graded, first edition Dark Jolteon and Dark Vaporeon cards.

Dark Jolteon & Vaporeon Pokémon Cards from Team Rocket. Credit: Heritage Auctions
Dark Jolteon & Vaporeon Pokémon Cards from Team Rocket. Credit: Heritage Auctions

Pokémon Dark Jolteon #38 and Dark Vaporeon #45 First Edition Team Rocket Set Trading Cards (Wizards of the Coast, 2000) CGC Graded.

In the beginning Eevee was able to evolve into 3 different Pokémon depending on the stone it was exposed to, 2 of those evolutions are featured in this group. The first […] here is Dark Jolteon, this evolution occurred when Eevee was exposed to a thunder stone. This card is graded Mint 9 by CGC. The second evolution featured in this lot is Dark Vaporeon which required the water stone. This card is graded NM/Mint+ 8.5 by CGC. The artwork for both of these first edition cards is done by Mitsuhiro Arita. Approximate SMR Guide Value for group=$63.

Good luck bidding on these cards over at Heritage Auctions. Both of these would be incredible additions to any collection.

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