The Elder Scrolls Online is Going to the Summerset Isles

The Elder Scrolls Online is Going to the Summerset Isles

Bethesda has announced the latest expansion for The Elder Scrolls Online, and this time players of the Elder Scrolls MMO are headed to the Summerset Isles.

You can travel to parts of the Summerset Isles as part of the game's primary campaign if you start as part of the Aldmeri Dominion, but you don't really get to see much of the Dominion's home province even then. And since we haven't traveled to Summerset in any other Elder Scrolls game, its a fantastic choice for an expansion. There's nothing to compare it to, no nostalgia to overcome. You know, like the Morrowind expansion.  The comparison factor actually kind of killed that expansion for me, which was pretty depressing considering how psyched I was for it.

As for the expansion itself, players are able to travel to Summerset thanks to the efforts of Quenn Ayrenn, but of course, there are always Daedra cults waiting in the shadows for you to go take out. As part of the expansion you join the Psijic Order and gain powerful new abilities. We've seen the Psijic Order before in TESO, but also in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. In real world chronology, Skyrim was our first encounter with the Psijics, but by in-game chronology, our first encounter with them was here in TESO.

By joining the Psijic Order, players gain three new abilities. The first stops time, which presents some pretty fascinating new strategies. The second allows players to slowly recover Health, Stamina, and Magicka over time by meditating. The third ability is Undo, which allows players to restore their health, magicka, and stamina to what they were four seconds ago.

Granted, with a fantasy franchise like this, you could definitely make the case for alternate timelines, time travel, and how Skyrim actually did come first.

The Elder Scrolls Online is Going to the Summerset Isles

Players also gain the ability to craft their own jewelry, take on a new trial, and face off against unique World bosses, Delves, Public Dungeons, and an all-new group challenge: Abyssal Geysers.

As part of the expansion, we get to travel to a few new locations. Naturally. The new areas include:

  • Alinor: Summerset's Capital and seat of power for Proxy Queen Alwinarwe. Visitors and locals alike will be mesmerized by Alinor's shining towers as they tour the city's many landmarks, including the Golden Gryphon Inn, the Oleanderr Coast Winery, and the bustling Riverside Market.
  • Cloudrest: Boldly built atop the peak of Eton Nir, Cloudrest is the home of the Welkynar Gryphon Knights and their Aerie. But be warned: due to an unforeseen catastrophe, the Divine Prosecution has been forced to evacuate the city and barricade the main gate. If you wish to enter you may need to find an alternative path.
  • Shimmerene: When you arrive in Summerset, you'll find yourself in the city of Shimmerene, also known as the City of Lights. But the town is in turmoil, and before you begin your adventures or make yourself at home, it would be wise to familiarize yourself with the Queen's decree regarding visitors.
  • Crystal Tower: Also known to the High Elves as Crystal-Like-Law, this sacred monument opens only to the Sapiarchs' tower sentinels and is both a place of research and a mausoleum for the honored dead. At its apex, it holds a powerful crystal called Transparent Law, though its purpose is a mystery to all but the highest-ranking Sapiarchs.
  • Lillandril: Found on the northwestern coast of Summerset, the city of Lillandril houses both the College of Sapiarchs and the local chapter of the Mages Guild, two groups known for their growing rivalry. Razum-dar recommends you steer clear of them and instead put your feet up at the local watering-hole, the Shrewd Brew Tavern.
  • Rellenthil: f you're looking for entertainment and excitement, the township of Rellenthil can be found in the heart of Summerset. There, you can enjoy artistic performances by the renowned House of Reveries or relax at the local Bathhouse.

TESO: Summerset will release on Xbox One, PS4, and PC on June 5th. You can find more information, like pre-purchase bonuses, on the official site.

And of course, the expansion came with both a cinematic and gameplay trailer, which you can check out below.

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