Endless Space 2 Invites You To Conquest The Final Frontier


We've finally made it to the end of Amplitude's 4X trailer series for Endless Space 2 with today's "Exterminate" trailer, which focuses on the utter and complete destruction of all who oppose you in Endless Space 2.

The trailer's description reads, as follows:

"After a long journey exploring, expanding and exploiting, you are now the leader of a powerful civilization and ready to meet other races head-on. You now have many strategic and diplomatic choices to make – will you try and shape alliances that bring you towards victory, or will you head straight for battle? The galaxy is a dangerous place, and it pays to sometimes go on the offense first."

This trailer brings the "4X" saga to a close, and marks the end of your journey as a faction leader in Endless Space 2. By the time you get to exterminating the competition, you've already made your empire. Now it's time to sit back and try to keep your title from those pesky up-and-coming explorers.

You can check out the explore, expand, and exploit trailers, or catch the new one below. Endless Space 2 is set to release tomorrow, May 19th on Steam for PC.


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