Epic Games Pretty Much Confirms Fortnite is Coming to China

One of the biggest markets that Fortnite has yet to make their way into is China, and whether or not you care about China gamers is insignificant because game developers do as the country is one of the biggest places you can go to gain an online audience. Up until now, the game hasn't been in the Chinese market. However, today Epic Games posted the tweet below showing off a passport for one of the game's characters with it stamped for April 23rd and the destination is China.

Now, we're pretty confident that if the game was being released in China on April 23rd, we would know just a little more ahead of time about such a big announcement, so our guess is that we're going to be hearing details of when it will officially come out in that country on that date. We're also fairly sure there won't be a special event tied to it or around it, so expect it somewhere after the current space event we're headed into finally finishes up.

The primary thing to keep your eye on is how Epic Games will deal with the two biggest issues that usually come with opening up a game to the Chinese market, which is localization and hackers. As a few companies have pointed out, Tencent would probably be the people handling the first issue since they already own 40% of Epic and have experience localized PUBG. As for the hacking, that's going to be the real challenge as Chinese gamers have proven they're usually the best at cracking a game code and making aimbots and other programs. Seeing as how Epic has had struggles over the past week to keep their servers online from attacks, this will be the real test as to whether or not they can handle problems on a daily basis from overseas.

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