Ezio From Assassin's Creed Jumps Into AFK Arena

Lilith Games and Ubisoft have a new little partnership this week as Ezio from Assassin's Creed has made his way into AFK Arena. We're not entirely sure what sparked the crossover event, but the character is now available in the game in his traditional white and red cloak, ready to dive around and slice you down. Ezio is available as a free character for 7 days to all AFK Arena players, then after that, he can be added to your team as any other character by earning him or just skipping over all that and buying him from the shop. Here's a snippet of the info the devs released about the new addition.

Ezio jumps into AFK Arena looking to take out anyone in his wake, courtesy of Lilith Games.
Ezio jumps into AFK Arena looking to take out anyone in his wake, courtesy of Lilith Games.

First appearing in  Assassin's Creed: Lineage, Ezio has starred in numerous AC games and two novels. Ezio Auditore da Firenze (1459 – 1524) was a Florentine nobleman during the Renaissance who was also a Master Assassin and the Mentor of the Italian Brotherhood of Assassins. He is an ancestor of William and Desmond Miles, as well as Clay Kaczmarek.

"We're excited to see AFK Arena's core audience continuing to explode across the globe and we're thrilled to add Ezio from Assassin's Creed to our hero lineup from today," commented Xiao Dong, Producer of AFK Arena, Lilith Games.

You'll see him pull off a few unique moves from his repertoire, but beyond that, he works like many of the other characters in the game. So essentially, he's a nice change of pace for players looking for something new. Or if you're just looking to get your hands on the character because you're a fan of the series. If you want to try out AFK Arena, you can download the game from the iTunes Store or Google Play.

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