Fallout 76 Launches The Night Of The Moth Update

Bethesda Softworks has released its latest update for Fallout 76, as the team has unrolled the slightly terrifying Night Of The Moth update. This new content introduces the "Mothman Equinox" seasonal event and a series of quality-of-life improvements that are designed to help solidify certain aspects of the game that have been giving people issues. You'll also see the new Aid The Enlightened addition to the game, which is a new sect of the Mothman Cult, as you will hunt down rival Cultist High Priests through the Appalachia for Mothman Cult themed rewards. You can check out more info and the trailer below as the update is live today.

Promo art for Fallout 76 - Night Of The Moth, courtesy of Bethesda Softworks.
Promo art for Fallout 76 – Night Of The Moth, courtesy of Bethesda Softworks.

At Point Pleasant in the Forest region of Appalachia, Beholder Clarence waits at the top of the Mothman Museum. After speaking with him, players prepare for an elaborate ritual through several phases. Light ceremonial bonfires, defend against rival cultists and complete other ritual-related tasks before the timer expires. Return to the Mothman Museum after and summon the Wise Mothman. Communing with the Wise Mothman provides the chance to earn new themed plans.

  • Nearby Corpse Looting – If corpses have started to pile up, the option of mass looting those corpses within range is now available instead of having to pick through each enemy.
  • Legendary Loot Sharing – Vault dwellers not part of a team who see a legendary creature die within eyesight can loot the body for some legendary items.
  • Team XP Sharing – Players no longer have to tag enemies when with a friend for XP to count. Any enemy that a teammate takes down will grant XP to the whole team, so long as they are within sight range of the creature when it dies.
  • Build Menu "New" Tab – The "New" tab to the C.A.M.P. build menu displays any new C.A.M.P. item plans learned during a play session, as well as new C.A.M.P. items unlocked in the Atomic Shop.
  • Pip-Boy Keyring – Instead of rummaging through their inventories, players can find their keys on the separate keyring when opening the Pip-Boy menu in the "Misc." tab.
  • Pip-Boy Menu Color Customization – Change the hue of Pip-Boy menus using a new set of customization sliders.
  • Ammo Everywhere – Existing sources of ammo, such as containers and enemy loot, have a chance to drop a small amount of ammo for any currently equipped weapon.

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