Final Fantasy XVI Officially Revealed As PS5 Console Exclusive

The Final Fantasy series is poised to continue with the addition of Final Fantasy XVI. Announced during the latest PlayStation 5 showcase, viewers were treated to a lengthy reveal trailer showing off what the game would look like when we can eventually get our hands on it. Combining an elegant, classic vibe with what appeared to be a unique twist on the series' combat system, it was an exciting beginning to the conference that shocked and surprised viewers.

Final Fantasy XVI was officially revealed during the latest PS5 showcase.
Final Fantasy XVI was officially revealed during the latest PS5 showcase.

There aren't a lot of details currently confirmed about the game beyond the fact that it's a single-player action-RPG in development for PS5. It's been confirmed as a console exclusive, though it will also be coming to PC.

But what we do know is pretty stellar already. What's intriguing about this entry is that Final Fantasy XIV producer Naoki Yoshida is going to be working on the gam. In a statement provided by Square Enix, Yoshida stated that the team working on the game had grown from a handful of people to a "full-fledged unit" that continues to polish and build upon what's in the works. The next big information reveal won't be until 2021, so Yoshida wants fans to "have fun speculating" as he works on both Final Fantasy XVI and Final Fantasy XIV.

From the look of things, this entry will be incorporating both new and older elements from previous games in the series. Right now, we'll just have to keep scrutinizing the footage to see what all we can pick out. It's going to be an interesting new frontier for fans, that's for sure. We'll be keeping an eye out on any additional bread crumbs relating to this fantastical new entry. It's going to be a good year in 2021 for Final Fantasy fans.

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