Fortnite's Biggest Streamer Ninja Comments on Copying Other Games

The recent updates that went into Fortnite had many online criticizing the game for essentially copying stuff from other popular games. Now, one of the game's biggest Twitch streamers, Tyler "Ninja" Blevins, has spoken up in his own way about it. The clip below has been going around all day as Ninja jokes about the fact that Epic Games basically just copied new additions to Apex Legends and themes from Sea of Thieves as the main selling points to Season 8.

"What do you do when Sea of Thieves and Apex become super popular but also, Fortnite is still popular, what do you do? You take the best of both worlds, and update your pinging system from Apex, and then you add pirates from Sea of Thieves! That's what you do!"

Granted, what he said was more in jest, because Ninja isn't going to slam the game that basically made him a bigger sensation than what he already was before the game came out. But a lot of players have been echoing his statements online, with commentary ranging from Epic Games being out of ideas all the way to accusing the company of stealing the work of others. Especially since developers already confirmed they're working on a respawn system after seeing it work in Apex Legends.

So we're kind of curious, how do you feel about the situation? Do you feel like Epic Games are copying other people because they got no new plans for Fortnite? Or do you think they're simply following the trends to make their game better? Tell us in the comments.

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