From The Rumor Mill: Diablo 4 Announcement Was Pulled Before BlizzCon

If you want to believe the latest round of rumors, it sounds like we were actually going to hear something about Diablo 4 last week. Kotaku is reporting that through their own sources, Blizzard had planned to do an announcement of a second Diablo title, specifically a PC/console game that would essentially be Diablo 4. The original plan was to announce Diablo Immortal and then, just as they were about to switch to the next announcement, a video would air with Blizzard co-founder Allen Adham announcing that the next entry in the franchise was in development, but that they had nothing to show us yet.

Diablo III

When reached for comment, Blizzard did not immediately respond. At this point its all guesswork as to whether or not those plans were actually int he works, and if they were, what reason did Blizzard have to pull the announcement. Given the reaction to Diablo Immortal and how it was received online this weekend, chances are that if a Diablo 4 announcement went forward as planned, we may not be seeing the kind of backlash to the game as we are today. But that's all speculation based on the idea that this announcement was even real to begin with. If it is real, now might be a good time for the company to come out and say it rather than waiting a calendar year to do this all over again at BlizzCon 2019.

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