Get Your Gross, Weird "Sonic The Hedgehog" Movie Costume Now

Get Your Gross, Weird "Sonic the Hedgehog" Movie Costume Now
Credit: Paramount Pictures

Like what you saw when the live-action/animation hybrid Sonic the Hedgehog movie was announced? You're in luck.

Walmart is serving up some piping-hot Sonic the Hedgehog costumes that look absolutely horrendous. The costume looks just like the Sonic that was passed off as "final" in the original movie trailer. Surprise! You can buy it now too, if you go looking for it. One report came in from Twitter user @sonictoyhunter, who found a child's costume at Walmart for just $19.97.

"I found it!" the user wrote, who goes by TreasureHuntingSonic. "The Sonic Movie costume from @RubiesCostumeCo! This is based on the pre-redesign Sonic, and only comes in boy's sizes. I decided to use the mask and a couple of other Sonic items to recreate a certain meme 😅 You can find this at Walmart for $19.97."

Other users chimed in as well, noting that Party City seems to be selling this abomination by Rubie's Halloween Costumes. Apparently, Amazon has a listing up as well. Oddly enough, the official Rubie's website has only a cute dog Sonic, teen, and adult versions of Sonic characters. Perhaps they took it down immediately out of embarrassment? No one can say for sure. All we know is this is one silly-looking outfit.  The redesigned version of Sonic that's supposedly still coming may look better, but we can't say for sure.

If the costume alone isn't enough, check out this creepy full mask at Amazon for $49. Wear this mask to be the creepiest person on your block for Halloween. Run past any curious bystanders asking who you are screaming "gotta go fast!" Happy Halloween indeed.

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