Gible Raids Return In Pokémon GO's Sinnoh Celebration 2021

Niantic has announced the Sinnoh Celebration, an upcoming event that will debut a new Shiny in Pokémon GO, spotlight Generation Four Pokémon, and bring some major spice to raids… with the return of Gible to Tier One Raids. Here are the full details of this upcoming event.

Sinnoh Celebration promo in Pokémon GO. Credit: Niantic
Sinnoh Celebration promo in Pokémon GO. Credit: Niantic

Niantic announced the following on the Pokémon GO blog:

Date + Time

Tuesday, January 12, 2021, at 10:00 a.m. to Sunday, January 17, 2021, at 8:00 p.m. local time

For those keeping track of events, this will start shortly after the Unova Celebration. Niantic is doing week-long, region-themed events leading up to the Pokémon GO Tour: Kanto, much like they did with GO Fest 2020's build-up.

Turtwig, Chimchar, Piplup, Bidoof, Cranidos, Shieldon, Combee, Buizel, Drifloon, Glameow, Purugly, Hippopotas, Skorupi, and Snover will be appearing more frequently in the wild. If you're lucky, you might encounter a Shiny Buizel!

And there's our Shiny release! After the botched Shiny releases of Rufflet and Jynx, which relegated those species to raids, it's very nice to see Niantic specifically say that the new Shiny will be available and boosted in the wild. Notably, Niantic's communication in this event seems to be more specific than usual.

The following Pokémon will be hatching from 5 km Eggs: Kricketot, Budew, Cranidos, Shieldon, Bronzor, Bonsly, Hippopotas, and Croagunk.

Enjoy event-exclusive Field Research tasks that reward Stardust and lead to encounters with Pokémon such as Turtwig, Chimchar, Piplup, Cranidos, Shieldon, and Buizel.

Nothing too crazy here, but the biggest takeaway is Budew and Bonsley back in Eggs for the event. Both of these, as Egg-only Baby Pokémon, have a boosted Shiny rate, so Eggs will definitely be worth cracking this event. If you don't have incubators, now is a good time to stock up.

The following Pokémon will be appearing in raids.
Turtwig, Chimchar, Piplup, Shinx, Buizel, and Gible will be appearing in one-star raids.
Lopunny, Hippowdon, Toxicroak, and Lumineon will be appearing in three-star raids.
Heatran will be appearing in five-star raids.

Well, now! This event just got ten times more interesting. Gible has featured in raids only twice ever. Once during GO Fest and then, directly following that, during Dragon Week. These raids were not easy to find during these events, so this is a very welcome return for one of the absolute rarest species in the entire game.

Complete the Sinnoh-themed Collection Challenge during the event by catching Turtwig, Chimchar, Piplup, Cranidos, Shieldon, Combee, Buizel, Shadow Stunky, and Shadow Snover to receive Stardust, a Magnetic Lure, and 15 Ultra Balls.

And finally, the Collection Challenges continue. Don't miss our guide explaining what this new feature is and how it may factor into bigger Pokémon GO events, including the upcoming Kanto Tour that will come to the game in February.

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