"Godtear" From an Outsider's Eye – Steamforged Games

Steamforged Games, creators of the miniature game Guild Ball, the Animal Adventures pet-miniature line for role-playing games, and various other cool miniatures-based items, has created an objective-based miniatures board game called Godtear. This game has been out for just a little over a year now, having been backed by backers on Kickstarter back in April of 2019, and they're steadily releasing new miniatures as per schedule.

"Godtear" Ultimate Collection - Steamforged Games
A promotional image for Godtear. Source: Steamforged Games

This is a game I have not played yet, but that is on my radar due to press connections with Steamforged Games. It has definitely piqued my interest, however, as I see players at my local gaming and hobby store picking up this game practically left and right. As such, I would love to learn in time. But for now, I have to write this piece, so let's look at Godtear from an outsider's perspective!

"Godtear" From an Outsider's Eye - Steamforged Games
Source: Steamforged Games

The above image shows the items within the Godtear "The Borderlands" starter set. The entire box comes with two warbands (Champions Finvarr and Titus, and their followers, for those at home keeping track) as well as a hex-grid battlefield (double-sided), ten dice, 24 objective hexes, six profile cards for the models included, three dashboards, and 85 tokens. Whatever the significance of the tokens is, it must be pretty important if there are that many. It's also pretty cool that, like with Steamforged Games' other big miniatures game Guild BallGodtear's miniatures all come with no need for assembly. The other starter kit, "The Eternal Glade", has a similar content array, albeit with a different group of miniatures to reflect that this is, in fact, a different starter box than "The Borderlands". Each starter boxed set comes with a $50.00 USD pricetag (as priced by Steamforged Games themselves).

"Godtear" From an Outsider's Eye - Steamforged Games
Source: Steamforged Games

The above image depicts a typical Warband release at a thirty-dollar range (as priced by Steamforged on their own website). Each Warband comes with a champion, three-to-five followers of the champion in the box, and that champion's banner. Being that I still have yet to get a demo in for this game I can only imagine the significance of the banner but the champion, the followers, and the banner all seem to be the three overarching types of models in the game. To further add to the complexity each Champion is one of four types thereof, based on their intended playstyle.

Do these models appeal to you? They look pretty cool to me, personally, but what do you think? Have you played Godtear before? What about any of Steamforged Games' other games? Let us know what you think!

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