GWENT Will Be On PS4 Next Week


CD Projekt Red's spinoff to The Witcher III: Wild Hunt will be coming to PS4 next week for a technical beta test. GWENT players can now use two current gen consoles and PC to get their card gaming on, which is pretty nice. No news yet on wether we should expect a Switch version of the game to be headed our way soon. The PS4 was the final intended platform for the game.

The beta will run from Friday, March 31 until April 3rd and be available to anyone in Europe, North America, and South America. You can download the Gwent beta from the PlayStation store – no PS Plus account required.

During the technical beta, players will get a chance to create their own decks, play through the tutorial, and compete in casual online matches. It's a pretty fun game, though fans of The Witcher III's Gwent will find that the game itself is largely unchanged. Still stupidly fun though.

You can read up on the tech test at the FAQ here.

The game is also getting it's own eSports tournament, the Gwent Challenger because people just cannot get enough of this virtual card game.


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