Harry Potter: Wizards Unite New Mauraders Part One Review

After delaying their March 2021 events for a necessary software update, Niantic hosted the first of two Brilliant Events in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite this past week with New Mauraders Part One. Let's see if this event, which looks back on the childhood of Harry Potter's parents, made up for lost time.

Brilliant Event graphic in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. Credit: Niantic
Brilliant Event graphic in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. Credit: Niantic

What worked in this Harry Potter: Wizards Unite event

  • The Special Assignment: I got a bit worried toward the end of the Special Assignment, I'm not going to lie. I completed it on the day before the end of the event and was relieved to remember that not only the Special Assignment Brilliant Foundable but also the Portkey Brilliant Foundable, usually a reward at the end of the Bonus Assignment, was being given to us here. That allowed people playing from home to complete the event separate from the Bonus Assignment. I felt that the slightly easier tasks were appropriate for this shorter Brilliant Event, as they were still a challenge but ended up being quite doable. The Bonus Assignment was not, on the other hand, easier than usual. That also felt appropriate given that completing the Special Assignment completed the full Brilliant Registry page.
  • The focus: Harry Potter: Wizards Unite has a lot to mine from, but I'm always impressed with how they come up with engaging ways to use the game's MacGuffin of "The Calamity" to both push the present-day narrative forward and look back at events from the books. Here, we got dialogue of Harry Potter looking back at his father's role as both a hero and a bully with nuance and love, now that he, himself, is older than his father was when he was killed by Voldemort. It makes for quite an engaging read on top of the interesting gameplay.

What didn't work in this event

  • Glitches: My one quibble with the event is that it was a bit glitchy. I was frozen out of the Knight Bus a few times but, worse, the game froze right as I placed on the Brilliant Registry page, robbing me of the reward dialogue.


Though shorter than usual, Harry Potter: Wizards Unite delivered a Brilliant Event that was fun, interesting, and fair given the time limit.

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