Harry Potter: Wizards Unite November 2020 Spotlight Events Review

This week, Niantic tried out something new in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. Two Spotlight Events, similar to those in Niantic's other game Pokémon GO's weekly spotlight hours, debuted in-game with a Wednesday event focused on Tonic for Trace Detection and a Thursday event focused on the Knight Bus. Should Niantic make these events a permanent and frequent aspect of Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, or did these two days of altered gameplay not work as well as hoped?

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite promo image. Credit: Niantic
Harry Potter: Wizards Unite promo image. Credit: Niantic

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite has a bit of a sameness problem when it's not hosting events. Their Brilliant Events, the best aspect of the game by far, are exciting, narratively driven weeks of gameplay that introduce new Registry pages and dole out pieces of their ongoing story to players. However, outside of these events and Wizarding Weekends, there's only so much that returning Foundables, placing images in the Registry, and completing Wizarding Challenges in Fortresses and the Knight Bus can offer. I personally believe these Spotlight Events can fix that.

Of these two events, the Spotlight on Tonic for Trace Detection was far superior. It boosted rare Foundables not often seen on the map, which made for a fun variation in gameplay. The Knight Bus Spotlight was fine, but the chamber levels that were chosen for certain featured fragments made this day prohibitive for casual players due to how rough these higher-level chambers are on Spell Energy.

A great way to enrich these events further would be, for a future Tonic for Trace Detection Spotlight, to have a Brilliant Foundable from a previous event boosted. Rare, but boosted. This would give players who have missed previous events something to invest in and would appeal to newer players, which is something that Niantic has struggled with in the past with Harry Potter: Wizards Unite.

Overall, the Spotlight Events are a great direction for Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. With the right planning, this can inject new life into the game.

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