Harry Potter: Wizards Unite October 2020 Community Day Review

A double Community Day weekend is wrapping up in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. After Niantic frustrated the game's community yesterday with a September Makeup Community Day focused on the Ministry Atrium page, today's October 2020 Community Day switched focus to Weasley's Wizarding Wheezes, the magical joke shop owned by J.K. Rowling's iconic ginger twins, Fred and George Weasley. Did this Community Day go over any better than yesterday's difficult-to-complete event?

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite October 2020 Community Day promotional graphic. Credit: Niantic
Harry Potter: Wizards Unite October 2020 Community Day promotional graphic. Credit: Niantic

The good:

  • The Foundables: In general, this day was a lot more fun than yesterday. Though there is a certain satisfaction to either completing or prestiging any page in the Registry, returning well-known characters like the Weasley twins and Lee Jordan is far more entertaining than returning random Ministry characters and departmental memos. From the vomitous Piking Pastilles display to the beleaguered twins being taunted by Confoundable magic, the focus of this Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Community Day was well-chosen.
  • Bonuses: The Portkeys were great, as was the reduced brewing time and increased effectivity of Tonic for Trace Detection.

The bad:

  • The Special Assignment: Niantic continues to completely bungle the Special Assignments for four events in a row. These prohibitive tasks ask far too much of players both casual and hardcore alike. As many in the Harry Potter: Wizards Unite community has pointed out on social media, the amount of Foundables that the game tasks players with returning makes it impossible to play from home if you're not constantly running Tonic for Trace Detection for hours and buying heaps of Spell Energy. Perhaps this Special Assignment, and yesterday's equally prohibitive Assignment, were set in stone before Niantic pledged to make changes going forward. Currently, the changes to the tasks are thankfully already noticeable in the upcoming Darkness Rising Brilliant Event part 2, but as far as these Community Days, both suffered once again due to this ill-conceived aspect of an otherwise fun game.

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