Do You Hate Geralt? Do You Really, Really Hate Geralt? Then This Witcher 3 Mod Is For You

Do You Hate Geralt? Do You Really, Really Hate Geralt? Then This Witcher 3 Mod Is For You

There's a recent mod for CD Projekt Red's The Witcher III: Wild Hunt that gives you a whole lot more to worry about than just what type of monster you're hunting. Hunger, dehydration, and sleep are all new challenges to be managed alongside the rest of your monster killing and political intrigue questing. Suddenly, you just want to sit in a pub and play Gwent all day, every day.

The mod, spotted by PC Gamer, is called Primal Needs and is quite extensive. It doesn't just make Geralt a more sloppy fighter if he fails to get some shut eye every once in a while, it even goes so far as to augment the way the Witcher's bodily needs affect him based on his current vitality and toxicity levels. "Primal Needs tries to increase the immersion of the game by adding hunger, thirst and fatigue as well as few other elements into the game," write the mod's creators. "It tries as much as possible to make the needs interesting and enjoyable, while also not ruining the action combat experience. However, by adding these new elements into the game the whole thinking about the combat and preparation changes according to your stats."

So with hunger, after it hits a critical low, Geralt starts to lose health until he shrivels into a malnourished husk and dies. Each food item also gets assigned an expiration date, which affects how much it helps you. Different food types also affect your hunger gauge in different ways. Similarly, thirst affects your stamina gauge. And both are offset by your toxicity levels, which rise with the use of Witcher potions.

So if you're fond of self-medication, this mod actually has some interesting ramifications that make it go beyond the usual survivalist mechanics that many other mods add to your gaming experience. And that's pretty much what makes The Witcher III a game we just can't shut up about, even two years after release.

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