Hyper Scape Will Launch Season 3: Shadow Rising On March 11th

Ubisoft revealed their plans for the third season of Hyper Scape as players will be diving into a ton of new content called Shadow Rising. This particular season will introduce new exclusive content including a revamped map, a new hack, and new story elements. The Battle Pass is also getting a bit of a rework as there's a new 100-tier system and new customization items. As of right now, the Premium Battle Pass will be available for 950 Bitcrowns and will unlock the Ace Shrine Fox outfit, weapon charm, and a legendary Dragonfly weapon skin. If you decide to bump it up to the Hyper Battle Pass for 2,250 Bitcrowns, that will unlock 25 Battle Pass tiers of cosmetic items including the Rook Divided outfit. There's also various starter packs for people depending on what level you want to get in on. We have more on the storyline for you here along with the latest trailer.

What's going on with all the new floating buildings in Neo Arcadia? Courtesy of Ubisoft.
What's going on with all the new floating buildings in Neo Arcadia? Courtesy of Ubisoft.

Despite Prisma Dimensions' assurances that everything is under control, strange anomalies continue to plague Neo Arcadia. The mysterious floating structures that appeared after the Blackout have coalesced into a temple that floats high above the city skyline. Basilisk is the first contender to find a way up to it. Inside, Basilisk confronts a primal force of the Hyper Scape: Tower. Tower claims it (he?) has lost pieces of himself and charges Basilisk with recovering them in exchange for power and glory. Basilisk recruits a new face, the roguish hacker Huo Shu, to raid Prisma HQ for one of these Fragments. Meanwhile, Prisma's own forces, under the cold hand of Nikita and his new enforcer, Bai Hu, prepare to eradicate these anomalies in any way they can.

During this season, players will get the chance to test their speed and skill in a revamped Neo Arcadia 2.0 map, and try a new Deployable Hack, the Firewall, which creates a barrier to block incoming fire while allowing the player and their squad to shoot through. Featuring new key landmarks, more diversified terrain, and more identifiable zones for players to traverse, Neo Arcadia 2.0 will challenge our veteran players to keep up the pace with newcomers jumping into it for the first time. Every week, players can collect new Memory Shards to dive deeper into Season 3's story and lore. Additionally, Basilisk and Tower's story will be featured in Issue 3 of the Hyper Scape Comics, released in chapters during Season 3.

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