InfiniDice Earns Full Kickstarter Funding In Ten Minutes

The makers behind the new gaming dice line InfiniDice announced this week they got full Kickstarter funding in record time. The group set up the crowdfunding effort earlier this week in an effort to get their company funded and producing a new set of dice based on Greek Mythology. The company was looking for just $2k to get started, but within 10 minutes they were fully funded. As of the time we're writing this, they're up for $15k with a month still left to go. You can read more about the dice below, and click the link above if you wish to help fund them.

A look at the different sets of dice the company has to offer, courtesy of InfiniDice.
A look at the different sets of dice the company has to offer, courtesy of InfiniDice.

These substantial metal dice are made from hand polished, zinc alloy ingot material and intricately handcrafted to ensure perfect balance, weight and accuracy for every roll. They are colorful, durable, and visually stunning. Inspired by ancient Greek Mythology, the collection is made of 6 series of dice, each symbolizing a legendary mythical story or character including: Prometheus, the Sirens, Thor, Themis, the Recorders, and the Final Prophecy. The dice are made especially for TRPGs and add an artistic element that fits with the theme of many of the most popular games.

"For any tabletop role playing game, dice are an essential element of gameplay. They determine the results and actions that create realism and challenge in the game. But as any RPG player knows, the roll of the dice is more than a mere indicator of probability. In gaming the dice become a powerful talisman endowed with magical powers that guide the game story. They add ambiance, suspense and chance that keeps the game exciting and unpredictable. Our goal with the InfiniDice Mythology Collection was to create dice worthy of serious gaming. They are both perfectly balanced for fair results and stunningly intricate, with designs inspired by the Gods of Greek Mythology. InfiniDice elevates gameplay and adds depth and imagination to any TRPG," said Jun Luo, Founder of InfiniDice.

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