Is The Making A Splash Ticket Worth Buying In Pokémon GO?

Magikarp Community Day is tomorrow, and Niantic has added a $1 USD ticket to the Pokémon GO store for the event. The ticket, titled "Making a Splash," will contain a Special Research story that trainers can play during the event. Unlike other items in the store, which can be bought with earned PokéCoins, these Community Day tickets are only made available through a monetary purchase… but is "Making a Splash" worth it?

Making a Splash ticket for Magikarp Community Day. Credit: Niantic
Making a Splash ticket for Magikarp Community Day. Credit: Niantic

While the quest information isn't available yet, it is a fair assumption that "Making a Splash" will be just like the previous Pokémon GO Community Day paid Research that was featured for Gastly, Seedot, and Abra. Here's what last month's Gastly Research story entailed.


  • 10 Pokéballs
  • 13,000 Stardust
  • 3 Incense
  • 50 Gastly Candy
  • 2 Gastly encounters with a Shiny chance
  • 1 Haunter encounter
  • 1 Gengar encounter
  • 4,000 XP
  • 1 Poffin
  • 5 Golden Razz Berry
  • 5 Silver Pinap Berry
  • 1 Rocket Radar
  • 3 Rare Candy

The cost of the Poffin and Rocket Radar, if bought individually, would alone equal out to nearly the one dollar spent on the above story. The rewards these offer are incredible, and using a Star Piece will multiply the Stardust accrued by 1.5. These ticket have been very much worth the price and have been consistent, so it can be expected that the "Making a Splash" for Magikarp Community Day will maintain the same level of reward.

Also, one thing to note about the encounters of this ticket, which will likely lead to more Magikarp this time since, unlike Gastly, Magikarp is only two-stage evolutionary line: the encounters through research have an IV floor of 10/10/10, unlike the wild. This means that, if you're looking for a guaranteed better Magikarp with a Shiny chance to evolve into a more powerful Gyarados, the "Making a Splash" research will offer multiple chances at it.

It's definitely a WORTH IT from Bleeding Cool.

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