Is The Snivy Community Day Ticket Worth It In Pokémon GO?

Is the Snivy in the Sunshine Ticket worth buying in Pokémon GO? Every month (at least recently), Niantic releases a $1 USD ticket for Community Day that unlocked a Special Research to coincide with the event. Every month, we at Bleeding Cool seek to answer the question that many trainers are left wondering… is it worth it? Snivy Community Day is happening this Sunday, April 11th, at 11 AM local time, so let's see if we can recommend buying this ticket ahead of the event.

Snivy official artwork. Credit: Pokémon Company International
Snivy official artwork. Credit: Pokémon Company International

Reasons to buy the ticket

  • It seems as if Pokémon GO is working to restore Community Day to what it used to be: an exciting monthly event. Last year and even into 2021, we saw Community Day go from the most anticipated time of the month that gave started and rare Pokémon their Shiny release and a useful new attack. In 2020, we saw Niantic shift to Community Days focusing on Pokémon, most of them from Kanto, who have already had Shiny releases with the events offering mostly attacks that haven't become relevant in either raids or PVP. Last month, we saw Niantic give Fletchling a Community Day that saw its Shiny release along with giving it a move that has made it a dominant force in PVP. Now, we're finally back to starter Community Days. Buying the ticket can be seen as a message to Niantic that this is the kind of Community Day that the player base wants and will support.
  • I may be in the minority here, but six-hour Community Days can be very tedious. I personally enjoy how the Special Research gives me something to do other than Shiny hunt.

Reasons not to buy the ticket

  • Researchers on the Silph Road subReddit have compared the initial ticketed questlines to the current ones, noting that Niantic have nerfed the rewards. If you disapprove of this, avoiding the ticket is a perfectly acceptable means of communicating that to Pokémon GO.
  • The ticket offers items and more Snivy encounters, so there's nothing you'd be missing out on that you can't get elsewhere if you do decide to pass.

Reasons to wait

  • Generally, these offer Pokémon GO players a better deal on items including Rocket Radars and Poffins with some Stardust to boot. If you were already planning on getting the items, this is a good deal. If you are uncertain, wait until Snivy Community Day itself, as we will be posting a breakdown of the tasks and rewards as a follow-up to this pice.

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