Japanese Pokémon TCG Previews Cards To Be In Celebrations

The Pokémon TCG officially announced a few days ago that their 25th Anniversary set, Celebrations, is arriving in October 2021. While details on the set remain scarce, we know that it will be a smaller set with over 45 cards which will all be holo. Celebrations is bringing back classic mechanics and card styles in honor of this huge milestone, with examples being Lv. X, Gym Leader Pokémon, Light and Dark Pokémon, and more. We also know that there will be a subset of 25 cards that reprints iconic releases from past sets. While the English-language Pokémon TCG hasn't yet revealed any of the cards in the numbered set, the Japanese-language TCG has revealed two cards from their equivalent set, titled simply 25th Anniversary Collection.

25th Anniversary Mew and Venusaur. Credit: Pokémon TCG
25th Anniversary Mew and Venusaur. Credit: Pokémon TCG

The two cards above, Mew and Venusaur, give us actually quite a lot to go on. The Mew is likely to be a regular holo card from the standard set, while the Venusaur reprints the original Base Set Venusaur, making it part of the subset. A closer look at the card will showcase that this isn't simply a straight reprint, but rather something that will likely be more special. The card has gold holographic borders and quite a unique holofoil style, but zooming in closer will show texture on the inner border and 25th Anniversary Symbol. Could every card in the subset be textured like this? There's no way to know as of yet, but it is very likely that the Pokémon TCG will keep the style of this subset consistent through the line and consistent with the promos.

When comparing Pokémon TCG sets in English and Japanese, just keep in mind that they won't always be the exact same… though such an occurrence is more likely with a set like this than a main expansion.

Stay tuned to Bleeding Cool for more information on Pokémon TCG: Celebrations as it comes out. It's likely that, as these cards were revealed together, that new reveals will be coming down the line quite soon.

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