Kingsman Funko Pops Are Coming This September

Funko has revealed a wave of Pops coming from the Kingsman film series, and they are delightful-looking.

I have a dark confession to make: I have not seen the first film. I feel quite ashamed — I even own it! Nevertheless, these Pops continue the trend of Funko stepping their game up in both sculpt and posing of the Pop figures. Four characters are coming in this initial wave: Harry, Eggsy, Gazelle, and Valentine. When Bleeding Cool's own Kaitlyn Booth saw who was coming, she only had one thing to say:



Anyway, all four of these look incredible. I love the action pose on the Gazelle Pop — the inclusion of an action stand has been a welcome one for out of box collectors. Eggsy comes with a mini-version of his dog J.B., and it's adorable. The Valentine figure really pops with the orange, and I love his mini Adidas shoes! The coolest one to me is the only character I know anything about: Colin Firth as Harry. He comes with his umbrella and is dressed to the nines, just like in the film.

In some ways, you should all be jealous, because you all have seen this film already and I get to experience it for the first time (after writing this I can no longer put off watching this thing, especially with the sequel coming later this summer). And from what I've been told, the first time with this one is a joyous experience. Hopefully when you pick these Kingsman Pops up, they bring you as much joy as the film does. Speaking of which — you can look for these to be hitting the shelves this coming September wherever you usually buy your Pops.

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