Lapras With A Bow Found In New Pokémon GO Datamine

Well, isn't this the perfect little distinguished gentleman or gentle-lady? A new costumed Pokémon has been discovered in the code of Niantic's Pokémon GO by the dataminers known as the Pokéminers. Is it Pikachu with a construction hat on, you ask? No. How about Eevee with a monocle? No yet again. Cowboy Hat Caterpie? Alas, no. We have something that I think very few if any Pokémon GO trainers saw coming. We have… Lapras with a bow.

Lapras With a Bow in New Pokémon GO code. Credit: PokeMiners
Lapras With a Bow in New Pokémon GO code. Credit: PokeMiners

Now, we must say before we proceed that we don't have any context for this Lapras with a bow. It doesn't exactly fit with any previously announced event. Its standard and Shiny form appeared in the game in the same update that introduced a bunch of new Megas along with a host of Generation Six Pokémon from the Kalos region. Now, this isn't to say that Lapras with a bow isn't coming soon. Some commenters in the Silph Road Subreddit had thoughts on what kind of event in which Pokémon GO trainers should expect this especially fancy Lapras to debut.

Theories included:

  • Water Festival 2021: This is a likely bet. This event hasn't been announced but Pokémon GO does indeed love its recurring type-themed events. We're bound to get a Water-type event sooner or later, and this would make sense for it.
  • Friendship Event: There is a Friendship Day event happening April 24th. I personally believe this will be the release of Sylveon. Hell, yesterday we could already see its silhouette when looking at an unevolved Eevee. (Don't press it. It's not live.) I don't personally think that this Lapras will be released this day, but some theorized that it may.

I'll also throw in the theory that it may be release during the unannounced Pokémon GO / SNAP event that was discovered in the code. I mean, if you saw a Lapras with a huge, floppy bow, would you not take a picture?

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