The Latest 'Star Wars: Battlefront II' Trailer Is Darkly Epic

If you ever had an urge to cheer for the empire in Star Wars, this may just be the trailer to make your morning. Star Wars: Battlefront II just released their latest story trailer, showing a determined Empire trying to rise from the ashes that are still burning on the second Death Star. With their military constantly under siege, their leader and his apprentice dead, and the second central hub for destruction destroyed, the Emporer has given a mysterious order to wipe out the entire Rebellion in what sounds like a "scorched earth" type of policy.

Give the story writers behind this some major credit as they appear to be doing the one thing no one else in the Star Wars universe has ever pulled off: making the Empire seem like a noble cause. Granted, they're still going about it in the evilest way possible, but there's a brief glimmer of light in this one as you see Iden Versio trying her best to fulfill her father's wishes and be loyal to the only form of government and military she's ever known. There really isn't even a hint at a redemption story in here! Please enjoy the new trailer below.

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