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League Of Legends: Wild Rift Releases Patch 4.2 Details

Riot Games have revealed more details of what's coming in the next patch for League Of Legends: Wild Rift, coming later this month.

Riot Games have released new details on the latest update for League Of Legends: Wild Rift today, as players can download Patch 4.2 in a few weeks. Being called "The Playhem," this patch introduces several new additions to the game, as well as a bevy of content to keep you busy in the game for a bit. This includes three new champions to contend with, a brand new elemental dragon, updates to marksman champion items, several new skins, quality of life improvements, and so much more. We got a list of the most important items below from the team as this will go live on May 26th.

League Of Legends: Wild Rift Releases Patch 4.2 Today
Credit: Riot Games

League Of Legends: Wild Rift – 4.2 Champions

  • Ornn: Ornn, the Fire Below the Mountain, is a sturdy tank capable of taking hits and crowd controlling anyone in his path. As the Freljordian spirit of forging and craftsmanship, Ornn also brings utility in the form of crafting items for himself and his allies on the fields of battle.
  • Volibear: Volibear, the Relentless Storm, brings the thundering power of storms to the Rift. Capable of chasing down his foes with lightning-imbued claws and even disabling towers with his ultimate, nowhere is safe from this demi-god's fury.
  • Swain: Swain, the Noxian Grand General, is a master tactician and mage that commands a flock of shadowy ravens to do his bidding. Swain also harnesses a demonic power to drain the souls of anyone foolish enough to stand in the way of his sinister ambitions.

A Frigid New Foe Enters the Fray!

The Ice Dragon is a brand new elemental Dragon swooping onto the Rift in Patch 4.2! When slain, the Ice Dragon grants ability haste, making it an especially worthwhile objective for spellslinging champions. If the Ice Dragon is the first Dragon killed during the game, frozen terrain will take over the Rift, causing ice to appear along the sides of structures in the jungle and river that grants a boost in movement speed when gliding across. When the icy terrain takes over, Frozen Fruit will also spawn, which, upon being attacked by a champion, will freeze enemies caught in its blast in a Zhonya's Hourglass-like state, leaving them untargetable and invulnerable for a short duration.

Gameplay (Items)

Over the course of the year, we're aiming to refine roles to make sure that, whether you're a mage main or a fan of fighters, your role feels satisfying, rewarding and, of course, fun to play. Whereas last patch focused on new and updated items for tanks, the Playhem patch brings some exciting options for marksmen.

Immortal Shieldbow

Immortal Shieldbow is a new item that provides extra safety for marksmen. Upon taking damage that would reduce your health below a certain threshold, you'll activate the item's unique Lifeline passive, gaining a temporary shield and bonus attack damage, which pairs well with the item's built-in life steal to increase your chances of survival.

League Of Legends: Wild Rift Releases Patch 4.2 Details
Credit: Riot Games

The Collector

The Collector provides a strong combination of offensive stats for marksmen between its attack damage, critical strike chance and lethality. The item also allows you to execute enemies upon damaging them below a certain threshold, rewarding you with extra gold with each execution. Caster marksmen can also look forward to updates to Phantom Dancer, Manamune and Essence Reaver to make them more desirable pick-ups.

Quality of Life Changes

The Playhem patch will introduce new ways for you to further customize your Wild Rift experience. Towards the end of last year, we introduced the ability for you to see all your favorite Star Guardians and K/DA members together with the Gallery Skin Sets feature. We're expanding on this feature and you'll even receive a special reward if you have a complete collection of skins! We're also adding the ability to customize your UI in-game. If our standard colors don't match your style, you'll be able to equip new customizations from the Collection tab.


For League Of Legends: Wild Rift players eager to track their Ranked progression, we're adding the Season Stats feature, which will allow you to check out various stats, including things like champion win rates, number of games played on each champion and even total number of Pentakills!

Wild Pass

For Wild Pass Season 13, we're adding a brand new skin for Ahri that players can look forward to getting fed on in their games. Food Spirits Ahri is the reward for completing this Wild Pass and you can check out a special flavor variant in her Ascended version from the Wild Pass Emporium.

Leaderboard Event

The Playhem patch also comes with a brand new leaderboard event pitting the two new playable Freljordian titans, Ornn and Volibear, against each other! Play games and complete missions to climb to the top of the leaderboard to earn special rewards. We also heard your feedback last time and changed things around so you'll be able to collect some of the rewards from tiers below you, so don't worry about climbing too high!

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