LEGO Launches Podcast Series For Video Games' 25th Anniversary

The LEGO Group has launched a new podcast series for fans of their video games celebrating 25 years' worth of them. The show is called Bits N' Bricks, which will be hosted on YouTube as they release one episode every week starting today. The show is set to run for 11 episodes, 10 with a holiday special, with over 120 people interviewed. It will cover the early days, LEGO Island, TT Games, and more. This is actually kind of cool seeing as how a lot of the discussion about the company's content tends to come from independent researchers and documentaries. This is one of the few that is being produced by the company itself to focus on their own line of products, or at least, the digital side of it. Here's some added info on the show and the first episode.

Yes, its true, they've been making LEGO games for 25 years. Courtesy of The LEGO Group.
Yes, it's true, they've been making LEGO games for 25 years. Courtesy of The LEGO Group.

The company's video games development team started life as 'Project Darwin', a small team led by artist Dent-de-Lion Du Midi who travelled to the LEGO Group's headquarters in the mid-1990s to convince then CEO, Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen, to let the team experiment with digitizing the brick. The team showed Kjeld what some have described as the first ever LEGO Movie – a short film they had spent a year producing in the run up to the meeting. Since the team's inception, the LEGO Group has developed over 80 games and sold over 200 million games globally to bring creative digital play experiences to families globally.

The podcasts will examine digital play innovations at the LEGO Group more broadly as well as a number of specific titles and themes. These include a previously undiscussed project with Mojang on a LEGO Minecraft title, early efforts to fuse the physical and digital into a singular play experience, a deep dive into the creation of the unheralded LEGO Island – a Mindscape developed action adventure game that was the company's first globally available game, and an intriguing series of conversations with LEGO Group leaders about the future of digital play. Spending more than a year investigating the history of LEGO video games, Crecente and Vincent researched more than 275 people involved in the creation of more than 50 of the games and conducted more than 100 interviews.

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