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LEGO Builder’s Journey Is Coming To Console & PC
The LEGO Group revealed that they will finally bring LEGO Builder's Journey over to Xbox consoles this week, specifically on Thanksgiving When we got to play this game months ago, it was very heartwarming and endearing as you go on a bit of a father and son journey where you discover there's more to life[...]
LEGO Launches Podcast Series For Video Games' 25th Anniversary
The LEGO Group has launched a new podcast series for fans of their video games celebrating 25 years' worth of them The show is called Bits N' Bricks, which will be hosted on YouTube as they release one episode every week starting today The show is set to run for 11 episodes, 10 with a[...]
LEGO Requests Stores Pull White House, Police, & More From Marketing
So the request to have advertising and marketing pulled from window displays and more makes sense in the idea that you're removing imagery that might give those looking to cause property damage a reason to do so. A look at Police Patrol Car 60239, courtesy of The LEGO Group. As you might suspect, LEGO enthusiasts and people[...]
LEGO The Incredibles Announced For Multiple Consoles in June
A really cool and interesting addition to the LEGO video games library, WBIE, TT Games, The Lego Group, Disney, and Pixar have all teamed up in various ways to bring one game together as LEGO The Incredibles was officially announced today And as a bonus, the game will officially come out the same day as The Incredibles[...]